Saturday, December 22, 2007

Apple iPhone

To be clear, I like Apple’s iPhone -- seeing how well it works for my teacher daughter. Actually, several family members and friends already own and use one -- connected to AT&T. I can’t wait to buy one and use it, hopefully in 2008, on the Verizon Wireless Network.

The iconic device is shown on the January 2008 cover of Reader’s Digest. In this image, the iPhone is shown with devil horns and tail -- a devil-mod? You may have seen it. From this image, the reader’s attention is directed to an article inside the digest. One person mentioned by the author is a mother and self-employed New York public relations consultant that uses a BlackBerry daily. To me, it seems that she could use a web app like Mailroom.
"Before her head hits the pillow tonight, [she] will field some 400 e-mails, 100 phone calls and 20 text messages. She takes little comfort in knowing that few of the messages demand urgent attention. That’s because she’ll have to sift through them all before determining which are important."
You can read it: Don't Be Overwhelmed by Technology -- Get a Grip