Saturday, November 3, 2007

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Post updated: 3.8.2015

Impact of the DST serial fraud: Morning Reduction Time

Over and over again, DST is perpetrated with various implementation schemes on compliant populations worldwide. The serial fraud driven by human arrogance is in every scheme: The amount of daylight always remains constant in ordered cycles of the cosmos.

DST has never changed the earth and sun’s relative positions. And, NEVER HAS DST SAVED ANY DAYLIGHT.

Morning Reduction Time

The finite amount of available daylight is merely artificially shifted. This affects when daily natural sunlight occurs in “The Circadian Cycle of Sleep and Wakefulness.”

There is a reduction of daylight available for human activities during the morning hours. Call it what it is: Morning Reduction Time.


A return to Standard Time, for now...

A lot of clock changing is going on in America. Standard Time begins again this Sunday (11/4/2007) early in the morning, officially at 2 AM. This could be called late Saturday night. Whatever you want to call 2 AM -- set clocks BACK one hour, this time. We will be living in Standard Time until the second Sunday in March (3/9) 2008.