Monday, November 5, 2007

Barry Bonds vs. Hank Aaron, 755 all

We were almost a part of baseball history -- and had GOOD seats! Monday night, August 6, 2007, Barry Bonds had no hits at AT&T Park. We were there.

What about that is almost historic? Two days before, on Saturday (August 4th), Bonds had tied Hank Aaron's career home run record (755). Bonds did not play on Sunday (August 5th). That Monday night game (August 6) Bonds went 0-3. The very next night (August 7th) Barry Bonds hit his record breaking #756 career home run into the right-center field bleachers at AT&T Park.

That Monday night game -- we were there -- was the ONLY complete game that Bonds ever played while tied (755) with Aaron's career home run record. During each of Bond's three at-bats that night, EVERYONE in the park was standing. We were almost a part of baseball history.

It was a quick round trip to "The City" -- 15 hours total. We left about noon on Monday to meet our college son and his girlfriend after his morning physics lecture. They arranged to buy tickets at One Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. We quickly parked and ate at the wharf under the Bay Bridge. Walked from there to AT&T Park. Watched the Giants win and drove home after the game. Late into the night, and only about halfway back, I was tired. My wife had removed her contacts, college son wanted to sleep because of class in the morning, and his girlfriend was happy to take over driving while everyone else mostly slept. We got back Tuesday about 3 AM -- 15 hours of chasing baseball history. We felt ourselves being a part of it, had such a good time, and were so glad we had been invited to go